These rules are subject to change at any point and time. We’d like you to be familiar with these rules and follow them. All community rules as well as the testers ToS also apply here.

We strive for an open and supporting community that can welcome different needs, world views, interests, habits and opinions. As a wise saying goes: Don’t do things you wouldn’t do to yourself.

we” means the staff of Land of the Wolves
you” means you as a community member


A. Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.

B. Asking staff for items, pets, prey, or currency or appeal for a certain action taken is a no-no. Follow staffs order at all times. Failing to do so will result in action being taken on you.


A. English and French ONLY. Most of the staff and members are not bilingual or can speak languages such as Spanish, German, Polish, etc. You’re welcome to speak to one another in voice chats or your own personal messages. But not in the public eye.

B. Swearing is allowed. However, do not direct any curse words at anyone. This includes but is not limited to derogatory terms about someones race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. We do not find this sort of language funny or appropriate, so please refrain from using it. We do not mind if you swear at a friend in a joking manner, but keep it civil in public chats.


A. We recommend there to be nobody under the age of 13 playing this game. If you end up playing anyway, you are self-responsible for your safety and we are not to be  held liable for it. Parental supervision is suggested.

B. No age-restricted or obscene content. This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, or other graphically disturbing content.


A. We welcome people to only create one account per person regardless if there are multiple users from different origins or the same household.

B. If you forgot your password please don’t make a new account, instead ask for an administrators assistance on obtaining your password again.

C. Make sure your in-game username and forum username match or note your in-game name somewhere on your Discord and/or Forum profile.


A. All arguments and personal situations must stay in personal messages and out of sight from public channels. Fighting causes a disturbance and doesn’t need to be addressed to everyone. 


A. Please avoid flooding or spamming the public chats, this becomes hard to read for others who might be conversing in that same chat or trying to read. This also includes reciting lyrics, speaking a full sentence in caps, random letters/numbers, or roleplaying outside of the party chat.

B. Advertising your items, role-plays, or events is okay as long as it doesn’t become constant reminder in the chat. If you ask twice and nobody responded, stop asking and come back later.


A. It is frowned upon to beg staff or members for anything It’s okay to look for some help or if anyone has this or that they don’t want. If someone goes on your nerves, block them!


A. We discourage users to drop items you wish to exchange with someone in public dimensions such as dimension 0. Instead, use the trading system. Even though we ask of our users to not take something that isn’t theirs, we do not have control over the ones who might risk stealing your belongings and staff is in no obligations to come up for your losses and is not to be held liable.

B. Ask before attacking prey, that has already been attacked. If someone took the first hit, even if they might’ve died or left it, it is still theirs.

C. If you are hunting in a group, and an item drops. Each player who helped kill the beast rolls the dice, the highest number wins.

System and Data

A. It is discouraged to share personal/private information. If you choose to it is your own responsibility and we are not to held liable by your actions.

B. We encourage users to not hoard and hide any exploits, bugs or glitches, if you come across any in-game flaws that might give you an unfair advantage please privately message an administrator so it can be fixed.

Situation Handling

A. The people we give powers to are the people we trust to not use them. Warning, kicking, or banning members is completely up to staff discretion. If a user wishes to appeal their ban, they may contact an administrator.

B. We highly encourage users to deal with a tricky situation themselves. This means if someone goes on your nerves block them, go to another dimension or map. However, if you see something or someone going against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let staff know. We want this server to be a welcoming space!


A. Game: By creating an in-game account you agree, that we may store personal information such as username, in-game passwords, E-Mail addresses, your IP and any other data you share with us. The game has security installed to prevent unauthorized access and use of sensitive data and your data may only be read upon your request or on request of government.

B. Forum: We use ProBoards to host our Forum and WordPress to host our Homepage. Please consult their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for further information.