Welcome to Okami No Tochi: Land of the Wolves!

Okami no Tochi: Land of The Wolves, also know as LOTW, is an MMORPG canine-based game where you can create and explore as a canine through multiple worlds, discovering magnificent creatures, and finding quests along the way! There are also many fun features such as character customization, pets, leveling, trading, and plenty more.

LOTW is originated and sourced from the game Impressive Title, created by KovuLKD. But it has now become so much more, and we hope you continue this journey with us as we transform together along the way.

We are looking forward to greet you in-game!

“And all that lasted were wolves…. in a world with ideals and priorities reborn.”

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“In a world where dreams and nightmares became reality.
Are you ready to uncover what led this world to disaster?”

In-Game Footage

The game features its own custom playable model, animations, prey and economy. These screenshots show only a small part of what the game has to offer.

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