Frequently Asked Questions

What is Okami No Tochi?

Okami No Tochi: Land of the Wolves, also know as LOTW, is a MMORPG canine-based game where you can create and explore as a canine through multiple worlds, discovering magnificent creatures, and finding quests along the way! There are also many fun features such as character customization, pets, leveling, trading, and plenty more.

Okami No Tochi is originated and sourced from the game Impressive Title, created by KovuLKD. Now it become so much more, and we hope you continue this journey with us as we transform together along the way.

Connection Issues

There are many reasons behind why you might struggle to connect, here are the most common issues regarding connection;

• Bad connectivity. Usually this is resolved pretty quickly by simply restarting your pc. Rarely you’ll need to unplug and re-plug your routers power cable and/or make sure, it is configured properly. But if the issue persists (not only on GF but other games as well) then this is quite possibly the answer you’re looking for.

• An update. When there is an update for the game, the game is usually shut down for maintenance purposes. So there is not much you could do to fix this issue.

• The servers are in maintenance or aren’t responding. Please post in our forum about it.

• Your character might be stuck or continuously crashing when login in, you’ll need to go to your client folder and delete the savepoint.sav file. It will reset your characters save point.

• You might’ve been disconnected by somebody else or somebody has access to your account.

The launcher or game flagged as virus/malware?

If the launcher was marked as malware from your antivirus software, it is most likely because the launcher needs to establish a connection to the servers, where the game and its media is stored in order to download new updates. As it does connect to the internet using a well known protocol, it looks even more suspicious to antivirus software than if it wouldn’t. And as the launcher in general isn’t very known among people and backed up by some large company like most famous game launchers are, it automatically falls under those “more debatable software” category. Additionally, as the only developer (me, Lamina022) of this utility, I simply do not have the funds to digitally sign the application and re-assure antivirus companies, that the launcher is indeed only doing what it’s advertised to do: To conveniently keep the game up-to-date with minimal user interaction and helpful troubleshooting options (such as re-installing the game).

On the other hand, if the game was marked as malware, in most cases this is a false-positive and can be safely ignored. Impressive Title servers such as Okami No Tochi are usually waved through by antivirus software as everything it does, it does locally and only establishes a connection the the servers via RakNet to exchange user-critical data such as username, character properties and world progress.

In both cases you can safely add an exclusion to your antivirus to the installation folder or make your own opinion at and this article.

Missing files and crashing

The installer provided includes necessary dependencies. Without them, the game will crash and not run. The game depends on the following packages:

• Visual C++ Redistributable Packages 2013
• Microsoft Direct X 9

With the installer, you can choose to install them along the game if you don’t have them yet.

Q: OGRE EXCEPTION(6:FileNotFoundException): Cannot find file XYZ

A: Your install may be faulty. Please re-install by creating a text file named deploy.txt in the GF-client. Then (re-)start the launcher.

A: You can’t install the game in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) since those folders have special permissions and are not suitable for the game. Ideally you install the game under C:\Games\GuardiansFate or on your Desktop.

A: Your antivirus is deleting files because it thinks, the game has viruses. For that, please add an exclusion on the GF folder and/or flag any quarantined files as harmless. If you are unsure and want to see for yourself if the file is save, please use

Q: Textures look distorted and strange

A: Turn off shadows in-game

A: Switch your render system or re-install the game.

Q: While playing, I’m crashing without an error

A:Try switching off or lowering the grass density, water, and shadows. These may be the cause of your issue.

A: If the issue persists and appears on the same place, while doing the same action and/or is measurable (time, while doing something specific), please report it as a bug in bug-board .

Q: I am using an AMD graphics card. When trying to start the game nothing happens.

A: Inside the LOTW game folder, open your plugins.cfg with Notepad and replace everything inside with this:

Q: My cursor is stuck in-game. I can’t see it and when moving it, it moves the camera instead

A: A common and easy to fix bug: Just smash left and right mouse clicks until the cursor is released again.

Q: Does this game work on MacOS / Linux / UNIX?

A: Yes, you can emulate it using WineSkin. (
For Linux its Wine.

Q” as “Question” and “A” as “Answer”